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Audio Guestbooks-Interactive Recording Booths


Here you will find a few examples of our past projects and thoughts from our customers. We are so grateful for their kind words and for generously sharing their stories with you.

Thank You!

"Listening to our story for the first time was such a unique experience - being able to hear a story through our partner's eyes was so special. The process for us was fun and easy, and Kelly took great care to ensure we were comfortable and could share as much as we wanted. I would recommend this service to any newly married couple - you can get so wrapped up in the stress and the changes associated with a wedding, that having a reminder of how the two of you came together is invaluable. Thank you, Kinship Tales!"

Wedding Audio Story Testimonial

Sarah W. & Dominic V.
Married August 2022

Life Story Personal Testimonial

Dan Courter
1951 - 2023

Dan passed away shortly after this recording from throat cancer, but he lives on in the hearts of his close family and friends. 

"Receiving this Legacy Story gave me a tremendous gift - a final conversation with my dad. Listening to it for the first time felt like a brand new conversation with him."
-Sara S.

"We received a lot of very nice wedding gifts but our very own Kinship Tale was by far our favorite.  We listened to it on our honeymoon and made a commitment to revisit it every year on our anniversary.  The process on our end was incredibly straightforward, easy, and required minimal time and effort and yet the final product is beautifully complex, masterfully constructed, and has professional production value." 

Wedding Love Story Testimonial

Hayden T. & Sarah L.
Married October 2021

Photography by Christina Richards

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