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Our Vision

Kinship Tales is founded on the belief that we all have stories that deserve to be shared. We are on a mission to find unique, one-of-a-kind stories of love, friendship, adventure, and so much more, and turn them into an audio story that will last forever. We are a husband and wife team that understands the importance of telling your story in your own words. 


At Kinship Tales, we value relationships - hence, our name. And, we take pride in crafting a personal experience where our storytellers feel certain their best stories are being recorded and shared. Each of our stories is original, custom, and professionally edited to your desired outcome. 

The idea of Kinship Tales came from our desire to preserve our stories for future generations. We stand committed to helping others do the same. 

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Kinship Tales Podcast

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Our podcast explores events, locations, and people in the Seattle area. 

Each episode reflects on the meaning people feel in their lives and how we can learn to live richer lives and experience deeper love.

Kinship Tales Social

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We use Instagram to share stories about our experiences, updates on our business, and add information about the topics on our podcast.

Check it out to learn interesting things, see how silly we can get, and reflect on deeper themes as they relate to our stories.

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