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Hey there! Bryan and Kelly here.


In a world saturated with visuals, we invite you to close your eyes and listen.


At Kinship Tales we believe that the human voice, with all its tremors and tones, possesses an unparalleled power to captivate. To bridge time. 

When you share with us, it's a journey. One where we explore together, listen intently, and in the end, create something that makes both the heart and the ear yearn for more.


Through this process, we don’t just craft narratives; we build connections. We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless, personal experience, handling each detail with the utmost care.


Because every life has a story, and every story has the power to move, to inspire, and to stay with you, long after the final note fades.

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About: About

You know what fuels our fire? Eternal student syndrome! 


Sunshine and trees, that's our kinda spree! 

Deep dives, not shallow tides! 


Kelly and Bryan have an insatiable hunger for reading and exploring everything from the quirky to the quintessential. For over six years, we were the cool teachers (or at least we like to think so) at a high school in sunny Sonoma, California. Kelly geeked out over Zoology and Environmental Science, while Bryan went down the rabbit hole with Political Science and Economics.

Our second date? An adventurous hike. Kelly hails from the breathtaking vistas of Montana, while Bryan's got Northern California vibes in his veins.  Today in the PNW, you'll find us chasing hiking trails, campfires, and sunny beaches. If there's fresh air and a hint of adventure, we're all in!

We're introverts with a knack for plunging straight into heart-to-hearts. Small talk? We skip that and zoom into life's big wonders and questions. It's how we bond, how we vibe, and how we stumbled upon some of our most cherished friendships. It's all about savoring the substance and leaving the fluff behind.


From Classroom Chats to Farmer's Market Flats! 

Humboldt State University, 2010. Our bond began not with typical college banter, but with passionate raves about the joys of fresh garden produce at a farmer's market. It wasn’t just the fruits and veggies that were fresh; our connection was, too. And while some stories start over coffee, ours unfolded over sunlit salads and crunchy carrots. A delicious beginning indeed!

Inside Kelly's Fantastical Universe: 


When she's not caught in the pages of Throne of Glass for the third... or fourth time, Kelly's navigating the enchanting terrains of 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom'. It's no exaggeration, fantasy realms are her second home. And if you've got thoughts on the MCU or are pondering which Harry Potter house truly aligns with your spirit, pull up a chair. To really dive deep, get a dose of real world wonder by discussing chemistry, cell biology, and pioneering discoveries. With Kelly, you're in for a heart-to-heart about all things miraculous, magical, and heroic.


Bryan's Historical Bites & Bytes: 

While Kelly's lost in magical realms, Bryan anchors down with Ken Burns documentaries and the rich tales of history and cultural evolution. Don't be surprised if he starts a passionate discussion about the complex intricacies of culture and technology all while referencing how they influence the greater political trends. But that's not all; away from the screen, Bryan's fingers are dusted with flour, crafting artisanal sourdough loaves. With over a decade as an amateur baker, each loaf is a testament to his dedication and craft.

Our Podcast

Our passion project and artistic portfolio. We tell the stories that we find meaningful and play with different techniques and styles. Subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts to hear stories that transport your mind and warm your heart.

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